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                         Fans sing #JindMeri 

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We are excited for #JindMeri

As Parth Samthaan gears up for his debut in the big Bollywood. I have felt a rush of numerous excitement pulsating through the minds and hearts of fans. As per the interviews , we all will soon watch Parth in a romantic comedy venture. But what will be greater surprise and treat is his debut as an singer. 
We all know that Parth has sung before, and the song Yaara is still being hummed by many. But Jind Meri will be a treat indeed. A song can always be the most technically correct , but the soul of the song is the passion of the singer and thats what is magical about Jind Meri. Once you hear it, without any music, without any background , it touches a chord in your heart.The teaser released by Parth have literally left  the audiences craving for more. 
All in all what we can say is Manik Malhotra was a fictional rockstar but Parth Samthaan is proving himself to be a real one.  His humble and positive attitude and a no nonsense approach to life makes him the most favorite and most loved television star that we have known.

As we wish him all the very best for his upcoming venture; here is a tribute presented by the FANS to Parth Samthaan 

Observing the craze for Jind Meri among the fans we conducted a small competition where fans themselves sang a few lines from the song. All I can say , is that this fandom is the most talented fandom in the world. Of more than 25 entries that we got it was very hard for us to select a few. All we can say Parth, if you are ever looking for a female lead singer to sing with you,you won't have to look very far. Just tweet, you will have a hard time choosing the best.

Here are just snap shots of the few there are lot more which we will keep updating over next few days.

Since Parth surprised us with his ever so soulful Insta video , here is Ayushi tagging team with him I hope every one enjoys 

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  1. M lπŸ’œving this song #JIND MERI.. Best of luck 4 ur flim parth.. We are alwayz wid yuh πŸ’‹πŸ’‹.
    Thankyou guyz for making this blog ☺☺

    1. thank you for your love and support. :)