Manik Malhotra- A Flawed Angel

Parth Samthaan as Manik Malhotra in Kaisi Yeh Yaariyan
Pic: Priyanka (@Prii_doll)
A Devil Lost in The City -With His Star

Manik Malhotra - only one phrase can define him i.e. A FLAWED  ANGEL. Manik is indeed one of the best characters written and portrayed in the Indian Television Industry. I have often thought what was that about Manik that appealed to masses across the globe. What was the magic that made Kaisi Yeh Yaarian, a low budget non-prime time show a super duper hit not only among youth but also among very matured audiences? The biggest reason for this is that today’s modern audience could relate to the show. KYY addressed problems and circumstances relevant to the current modern world and all the characters were all realistic and closer to real life.

This was true for Manik too; People could connect to Manik as Manik Malhotra was flawed though he was the   lead in the show, he was imperfect. And the real magic was none other than Parth Samthaan who portrayed, lived, and breathed each and every imperfection of Manik to perfection.
Parth Samthaan -various expressions of Manik
Pic:Priyanka (@Prii_doll)

 The Shades of Manik Malhotra

Manik’s anger was the weakest link to his character.  However, there was always an undercurrent to his anger. His anger was never the real emotion, actually his anger was merely a projection of his loneliness, his fear, his love and his insecurities. 
A young vulnerable teenager who was abandoned by his father and left by his mother; when he cried no one cared, when he craved love no one was there. The result: he became a rebel, he decided to quit being an innocent soul, and he decided to hide his tender heart under the façade of a MONSTER. He bullied so that no one bullied him, he threatened so that no one threatened him, he strove to win and he never wanted to lose, he was scared that if he loses he might lose himself to the cruel world.
Parth Samthaan- Angry Manik
Pic: Priyanka (@Prii_doll) 
 His anger defined his passion and pain, his love and hate his anger defined his loneliness among his friends.

And then someone walked into his life, his STAR, who could look beyond the beast and find the prince, with a golden heart.

Manik was a great friend and very good human being. His rude self was nothing but a façade for the world, so that no one could see his weakness  and his sorrow. His sole strength for a long time was MUSIC and his friends. He emoted through his guitar strings and loved his friends unconditionally. His friends were his family that he never had but craved for. They were precious to him, he could do anything for them, even bow down to his evil mother.
Parth Samthaan: Rockstar Manik
Pic: Priyanka (@Prii_doll)

 Music lived in Manik’s soul, angry, sad, jealousy, love and hate all emoted through his voice and eventually he found his guiding light, his star his Nandini through music.

It was like the beautiful story of Beauty and Beast where only Belle could see her prince charming hidden within the beast. Only her love could transform  the monster to a human. Nandini’s love, care, trust and Manik finally somewhere found his life back. It was the transition point of the show, where “The angry Young Manik” transitioned into a “Lover boy Manik”.  Parth Samthaan was more than phenomenal; he enacted all shades of Manik’s love to perfection. 

Parth Samthaan as Majnu Manik
Pics: Priyanka (@Pri_doll)

Love was a complete transformation for him from The Manik Malhotra he was transformed into a cute boyfriend who could go to moon and beyond just make his Nandu smile, as that smile healed him and gave him solace.

 Manik’s loveless life made him an extremely possessive lover; even before he realized that he has fallen for Nandini he couldn’t even let his own best friend come near her.  His care for  her and his need to protect her from all things bad; his urge to preserve her innocence and purity of her soul; his fear when he thought he might lose her. Manik became a dream of every heart; he set the goals too high for a boyfriend. 

Parth Samthaan as Manik
Pic:Priyanka (@Prii_doll)

The Fear of Losing her;The need to protect her

Manik’s love for Nandini was unconditional it did not matter to him what she wore; or how she looked for him she was the only beauty to behold. Manik was a dream and yet very real. His charm was unfathomable. Viewers, audiences across the globe could not tolerate KYY with out Manik, if news are to be believed, MTV lost significant viewership and audiences world wide tweeted to 2.5Millions   #MTVBringParthBack as no on could tolerate KYY without Manik, no one could see Nandini separated from Manik. MaNan could only be FOREVER.
Parth Samthaan as Manik
Pic:Priyanka (@Prii_doll)
When The Trust on His Love was Lost; Only for a Day The Monster was Back

Indian Television industry is known to kill and create characters in a jiffy, actors are asked to step down from shows and then they are brought back. But, this time around they were in for a shock. I don’t think even they knew the power of Manik and MaNan. I give full credit of this craze of Manik to Richa Yamini and Parth Samthaan. The creators are always greater than creation it self. The magic was their creation “ A DEVIL LOST IN THE CITY WITH HIS STAR” ……
I have heard a lot of people say that Parth got all this fame because of Manik well there is always the other side and that is   Manik Malhotra got his life and soul from Parth Samthaan.  No one else other than Parth could be Manik. There was so much power in his character that real and reel blurred in existence, and that indeed is the essence of a great actor; where audiences did not know anymore where Manik ended and Parth began. 

KYY as a show fell apart, actors left and some lost the essence of their character but Parth remained in character till the very end he was Manik till the 12/31/2015; his smirk, his emotions and actions down to his finger movements remained Manik’s till the very end.

Parth Samthaan as The funny Malhotra
Pic:Priyanka (@Prii_doll)

Parth Samthaan called the king of expressions


It has been 3 months and yet we miss MaNan, the magic refuses to leave us. But all beautiful journey comes to an end and MaNan got their happily ever after. 

Pic:Priyanka (@Prii_doll)
MaNan an Eternal Love story of The Monster and His Star
Some Forevers are Larger Than Eternity

I have loved and adored Rhett Butler (Gone With The Wind), Raj (DDLJ) and Manik (KYY). These are characters that were all flawed all closer to life all are timeless and made a huge impact in audiences across the world; But Parth Samthaan you are real and in all forms a real life hero.

So far so good; but I have a strong feeling that your best is yet to come and the world has to be patient for that day.

27th March 2016
Michigan USA


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