17th October 2016 

Googly Ho Gayi Pictures from the sets
#Rabbi at work

11th September 2016

Finally the shooting of Googly Ho Gayi  Kick starts! We are excited ! The first few Rabbi Look!

parth samthaan google ho gayi
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Articles on Details of the Movie March 29th 2016

1) Sooraj Pancholi to do a film with his parents!

2) The Pancholi family join Parth Samthaan’s debut film - See more :

All auspicious occasion start with our prayers to the allmighty, thank you Glitz Vision for an exclusive Muharat Pooja Coverage

Exclusive Video: Parth Samthaan talks about Birthday & Muharat. (Glitz Vision)

Parth Samthaan does it in style again:
12th March 2016
Michigan, USA

Just about 12 months ago, Parth, the name was completely illusive to me. Infact I have never really cared much about actors per se. I have always loved the characters they potray.  It is often believed, that actors are nothing like the characters they play, infact most people are like me, they love the characters, which are   created to perfection. Manik, from Kaisi Hai Yaariyan (youth show in MTV India) was one such character; he will stay in my heart forever. But, this time around the rules changed for me, I came to know The Parth Samthaan (umm!!! virtually only), and now! in short I can only say he is way better than The Manik Malhotra.

In the past few months that I have known him virtually, he has amazed me in multiple ways, be it his ever-charming smile or ability to stay positive. But in a given moment, what immediately grabs attention is a very genuine and down to earth nature. There is nothing fake about his persona, and that’s what makes him special.

Googly Ho Gayi Ka Launch event in E24

In his recent public stint, where his movie’s “Googly Ho Gayi” mahurat was conducted in a unique style, he stated that he actually regrets that he cannot go to each and every fan and take a selfie with them. He states, “It is impossible, but I wish I could do it, I wish I could thank each and everyone personally”.  He says that all the support he gets actually helps him focus, motivates him to work hard and he wants to grow bigger and better everyday for his supporters around the globe. Working hard, staying focused and learning new lessons every day in life is most important for him and he also says that his fans are his inspiration.

But Parth has become a worldwide inspiration, at a young age of 25, he has taught the world some long forgotten values and lessons.

If the sources and producers are to be believed Parth may be seen in a negative role next. Are we excited??

Bookmytv Links: original from 11th March 2016

In his upcoming movie he will play the role of “Rabbi” and essentially it will be a romantic comedy movie. He will also do play back singing for the movie. In his ever charming earnest nature he says, that he wants to deliver his best for the movie, not only because its his first bollywood stint, but for his fans and supporters who have stood by him.

I expect nothing but the very best from him. I have faith and confidence, that he has ability to create a lot more unforgettable characters like Manik. 

Manik gave Parth the Name and Fame he has today, But lets get real here, Parth is the creator of Manik, he defined Manik and not the other way round.

So Mr. Samthaan, I am excited about Rabbi, I know for sure he will be phenomenal too.

TELLY DATE with Telly Tadka India

FULL VIDEO COVERAGE - Parth Samthaan’s Birthday And Debut Film’s Muhurat

Parth Samthaan talks about his NAUGHTIEST birthday celebration in this exclusive interview – watch video!

Exclusive Starcast Revelation Of Googly Ho Gayi (glitz Vision)

Sohai Ali Abro’s Bollywood Debut Movie ‘Googly Ho Gayi’

Double celebrations for television heartthrob Parth Samthaan!


Parth Samthaan Gears up for His Bollywood Debut in 'Googly Ho Gayi'

Parth Samthaan: Kaisi Hai Yaarian Has given me so much!

 Parth Samthaan gets the best Birthday gift!

Viral Bollywood #ParthSamthaan Muharat 

Parth Samthaan’s special provide to his fans will make we LOVE him even some-more – watch video!

A survival guide to attend a Parth Samthaan event!

Parth Samthaan. the hottest celebrity on television, recently hosted a Muhurat event for his upcoming film on his birthday.

Parth meeting his Fans at the Movie Muharat in 

Juhu, Mumbai 

March 11, 2016


20th February 2016
Aditi (Michigan)

In the past 1 year that I have known Parth Samthaan virtually, he has always amazed me. The qualities he portrays are rare and unique. He has proved time and again that he is talented hardworking actor, a staunch professional, a deep strategic thinker but above and beyond all he has proved that he is a great human being. There is a reason I call him THE REAL YOUTH ICON. 
In any given interview you get bowled over by his humility and simplicity, he made no big deal about stating in public forum that he "is nervous about singing "neither did he over state his Bollywood debut. Through all this noise he maintained the same calm poise and stated "he will love to take all his Fans on a date as all of them are special".

 Lets admit here, we live in a world of propaganda, a small incident becomes a huge deal for no reason at all. In this world of SHOWBIZ, publicity can actually be done in a sober professional way and "THAT IS THE PARTH SAMTHAAN STYLE".

During his interview Parth Samthaan speaks about importance of being a life long learner. Indeed the rockstar is such great influence on the youth, life is indeed a learning process, and we should keep learning new things everyday. This is true not only in acting it is true in all phases and professions. As usual you continue to amaze me with our maturity and positivity. Keep doing the great job you are doing. 

"Parth: There are lots of preachers in this world. Why you are an youth icon is because you have taught the youth not by preaching but by example."

We wish you nothing but the very best in your career! 
Remember you are born to win; all the failures in the way are just temporary. Awaiting loads of good news in your life.


Parth Samthaan records song for his debut Bollywood film:

Parth Samthaan records a song : Telly Masala

Parth Samthaan’s Birthday to be a musical affair!

Parth Samthaan to sing in his debut film

Parth Samthaan’s birthday to be a musical affair.

Parth to sing for is debut produced by Katrina’s make up man Subhash Singh.

Double delight for Parth Samthaan: To debut as and actor and singer in Bollywood.


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