5th October 2016

Life is not about the BREATHS you take, its about the moments that take your BREATH away

6th September 2016

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10th August 2016

31st July 2016

Parth Samthaan

Sabse Chotu Parth, Usse bada Parth , Fir thora aur bada Parth , and finally the hot and happening  Parth Samthaan~ Alya Malhotra
Pic credit: Prii_doll

23rd July 2016

Here this out folks what does Parth's Handwriting say about Parth and his personality ~ a super interesting read! :)

Your Expressions are the best of all the things you carry with you!

19th July 2016

12th July 2016

A Video presentation by Madhu!!

8th July 2016

Parth Samthaan

"An ode to the one, for whom travelling is not just fun. It's much more then seeing places and different faces. Its more like soul searching. And finding who you are And who you wanna be. The one who makes their Own Destiny!! @the_parthsamthaan this one is for the traveller and the wanderer in you. love you hamesha" ~ Madhu 

There will haters , doubters and non believers , and then there will be you to prove all of them wrong.
Stay Strong ! :-)
4th July 2016
Congrats to Sweta Tanya again!

Parth Samthaan
Dare to Dream and then get up and work to achieve it~

28th June 2016

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"Making some one smile may not change the whole world! But it makes a great difference in their world"

25th June 2016

17th June 2016

Edited: By Alya Malohtra and Posted by Parth Samthaan in IG :-) 

11th June 2016

4th June 2016

Parth Samthaan
~ Sweta Tanya

parth Samthaan
I have come a long way and in the process rediscovered myself~ Sweta Tanya

30th May 2016

27th May 2016

25th May 2016

parth samthaan


By Yashika

20th May 2016

Parth's 100th IG post and what we thought about it !!

By every growing day; our love for you grows more & more and I genuinely can’t see a finite end to it. Looks like you have made up your mind to not let us free, from you, for life; your two weapons are being genuine & gratitude towards people, venture & your own aim.
You were mostly silent while the KY2 was on and let your work speak.  People were drawn to KY2 due to the most beautiful direction and good actors.  You played Manik by living the character for close to 2 yrs. Your dedication and work spoke then & you never needed any promotion.
Your 100th IG post just a WOW: "Critical thing in life is whether you take things 4 granted or take them with gratitude" you are full of gratitude. Your quality of being thankful, readiness to show appreciation for and to return kindness is bindblowing & bought me for life.
Had you expressed the same exact feelings, when the KY2 was on, I would have treated it as an activity to support or provide active encouragement for the furtherance of KY2. That differentiates you from the crowd, you kept your work talk then and now you expressed your feelings as a token of love & thanks.
Your respect for your work and yourself; has earned the immense respect from all of us, and you deserve it. When ever I see your picture or read about you, I visualize you as a young lad with the Motto:
Set a Goal; Work Hard; Respect Your Work; Generously Forgive; Be Thankful;
                            (I know I missed food /sleep/parties/traveling but they are your hobbies naaaa!)

Proudly with sisterly love,
Sai Vasireddy.

There are millions of reasons why Parth Samthaan is loved. I have always given how he earned our love by sheer dedication and the way he loves his fans back but today he won hearts once more by the virtue of his gratitude.

He made the best throwback post anyone could make for his 100th Instagram post.

We all love Manik, his passion for music, he passion for his love, his love for his friends but why do we love Manik so much because Parth lived Manik with all his passion.

He breathed life into Manik Malhotra, made him immortal in the hearts of millions of fans. He lived his imperfections so perfectly that people loved everything about him.

Til day we can see his love for Manik and ky2, he has always shown his gratitude and his attachment towards Manik and the show. He lived, breathed Manik like no one did, he cherishes ky2 like no did. He loves everything about Manik.

Like today's post it shows ManRuv, a friendship that stood the test of the time. And this scene was the first of the many that Manik faced sacrificing for dhruv. The happiness to see his friend happy and the millions of deaths he experienced watching his heart and his dreams break within him was something we Manik and manan fans will always cherish. We cried with Manik as he chose friendship the purest emotion of all above everything else, even his own happiness.

I love Manik. I love his passion. I love his pain. I love the romantic him. I love Manik because Parth lived Manik.

Take a bow Parth Samthaan you have earned respect and love all over because you said in simple words again that change is the only constant of life but beautiful memories of our glorious past always live in our hearts.

Thank you for being Manik Malhotra for millions of fans. ..


parth samthaan

By Deeksha  @rdeeksha1435

parth samthaan

By Deeksha @rdeeksha1435

16th May 2016

Congratulations to Sweta Tanya : 

By Pari Sharma lovely and funny meme's ....

Picture Credit : Deepaslk
11th May 2016
 Akila , Software Professional,Chennai

parth samthaan

My mission inline is not to merely survive , but to thrive; and to do so with some passion, some compassion, , some humor and some style. Style is a reflection of your attitude and personality. @ZanZPS , @KNNiya @prii_doll

8th May 2016

parth samthaan youth icon
creation by @ZanZPS and @KNNiya

parth samthaan youth Icon
creation by @ZanZPS and @KNNiya

7th may 2016

Shinning bright in the Night Sky you are one in a Million -Parth Samthaan 

parth samthaan

parth samthaan
Software Professional,

6th  May 2016

24th April 2016

Thoughts my Noreen  (@LaghateParthOfc)

18th April 2016
A beautiful message  from Niyu, Zannat and Pri
17th April 2016
Sweta Tanya does it again! A beautiful beautiful writing

15th April 2016

My Thoughts on Parth Samthaan

 A Presentation By Sweta Tanya ( Twitter - @SwetaTanya)

                    Read the complete write up at- 


This blog is made by the Fans and supporters of Parth Samthaan. It is our love and tribute to Parth and our act is completely, fully and irrevocably voluntary. In no form were any of creators related to Parth or asked by him to make this page. Although it is a public blog we would appreciate no one in future uses it to any further statement or cause. We have tried our best to respect sentiments of all, but letters from fans and other supports are Copy and paste of their own views and not our responsibility. The effort behind making this blog shows the true spirit of being a fan. We support Parth Samthaan and also the entire entertainment industry.

This blog is a combined team effort of all these exceptionally talented people please congratulate all of them, but if you have any questions about the this web page please feel free to contact Aditi (twitter handle @bagchi12). will try to answer all relevant questions.


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  3. Really feeling so proud to be a part of this fandom...bhavya dii...really proud of u!!!creating something like this is unbelievable guys...keep updating!we all r wid u guys..

  4. Really feeling so proud to be a part of this fandom...bhavya dii...really proud of u!!!creating something like this is unbelievable guys...keep updating!we all r wid u guys..

    1. thank you diksha... ya sure we wil keep update...

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