801: He is a man of very few words! but Then he speaks and the world pauses to listen!!!

802: he is the perfect example of handwork, focus and determination: 

803: he could sometime adorn the expression of a naughty boy!

804: because his thoughts on alcohol are so nobel and practical :) 

805: Once a while he will smile that one one genuine smile which also lights up his eyes! 

806: Because we would love to seen him play the Indian version of Mr.Grey! 

807: because Iron Man is his favorite superhero! 

808: Because he could be the perfect onscreen vampire!

809: He is quiet but he is confident!!!

 810:His thoughts are deep and inspiring!

811: His Ad films your fun and cute!

 812: how big or small his roles they were always classy!

813: whatever he does you can see his hardwork and passion for it! 

814: who could guess one could look cute even on a bicycle!

 815:His winks are cute!

 816: He started as a ramp model! & He could still be a great one!

817: He is an ardent traveller! 

818: because there are 3 stars in the galaxy t his name! 

819: Because He gives the best BAD BOY look!

820: Because some times his pictures are hot and quotes are COOL

821: He could give 20 expressions in less than 30 seconds! 

 822: He would just look so cool in retro look!!

823: And he could be a King and this could be his Kingdom!! 

824: Because he is a natural entertainer! whatever it is ! Give him a mike and he would entertain!
825: Because no one could define anger like him!

826: because his way of delivering the dialogue made a simple dialogue empowering!

827: Because he could be a hot biker!

828: because he is just so different from others!!

829:Because he would just randomly roam in the streets of Delhi and click pics with cute fans!

830: Because he has the funniest sense of humor!!


831: Because he is the STYLE ICON!!

832: because we watched Campus Diaries just to watch him!

833: because he taught us how to eat a live  scorpion!

834: Because he wears these funky wrist bands!

835: Because thats how he scold Alex!!

836: Because he chats with fans like they are friends!

837: Because he drives BMW

838: Because his "For you Dost" was just so adorable!!

839: His mean serious look!

840: He is always focus on his script! His work! His passion!

841: Because he can sleep whenever, wherever, even when he is only 50% fitting in the bench!!

842: Because this how he got rid of negativity!

843: Because he keep changing his hairstyle!!

844: Because he looks cool in formal , though he wears them rarely!

845: Because black makes him look so much more handsome!

846: because he does only a few dub mashes but they are just out of the world!

847: Because Jind Meri touched our soul 

848: Because he is one boy who can carry Orange like boss!!

849: Because of his eternal love for GANJIS

850! Because we are just so excited about RABBI!

851: Because he couldn't decide whether to cut the cake or not!

852: Because he believes in doing his own chores!! and being a supports remains down to earth and just normal!

853:His stunts were awesome and real!

854: Because his trolls are the funniest!

855: Because he has 6PACKS!!!

856: Because h he did some amazing stunts!!!

857: He plays PlayStation 4 with maximum focus!!! Like his life depends on it!!

858: He has a super sexy back!!!

859: He does phenomenol HAND STANDS!!! 

860: He gets super excited about his birthday!!

861: Because he is one genuine actor!

862: Because he has Funniest shoes!!!

863: because he behaves like a kid sometimes!

865: because he could be a geek but a cute one !

866:Because he was so excited about Rakhi just like a little Kid!

867: Because one day! We may burn these red vests!!

868: Because he gives credit to everyone ! And believes in being team player!

869:Because he stares at food like it is his long lost first love!

870: His flying Kisses

871: Because gives more expressions during his gift segments than some actors do in their shows!

872: Because he rocked during his film Launch party!

873: Because his laughter is Child like and it takes our heart away!

874: Because his looks can be intense!

875: Because he would love to date Deepika!! filmo wall :) 

876: Because he was the cutest Santa!

877: Because he looked cute with his cute Mooch!!

878: because he looked cute even when he danced offbeat on London thumakda!

879: Because he has long sexy legs.

880: Because he transformed from a GOLU to suave and chiseled

881: Because his food interview was the best interview ever. 

882: His Biceps

883: Because he has the sexiest Jawline!

884: Because his SC is dedicated to Food only!

885: Because he makes the sweetest gestures towards his fans.

886: Because he is a "VESPA BOY"

887: Because he loves switching his watches.

888: Because his fingers are long , alluring and sexy!

889: Because his eyes depict all , sadness, , happiness, thoughtfulness, focus and sincerity!

890: Because he is the most adorable!

891: Because Manik made us believe in true love again!

892: Because He is one BINDAAS BANDA

893: Because "Marjaniya" became Manik's song! some of us don't even know who enacted the song originally!!!!

894: Anger , disappointment and sorrow! Because he could blend all these into one expression!

895 : Because we love him even when his photoshoot is a little weird!

896: Because he made us love Manik even when he was just an illusion!

897: Because he is sooooooooooooo   tall!!!!

898:Because of his humility!!

899: Because He should absolutely host a season of MasterChef!!!

900: Because we love to imagine him in all the latest songs!!! 


902: An in-secured kid disguised in the get up of a Monster! Because no one could understand Manik like he did!

903: Immersed all this noise he is sometimes so thoughtful 

904:His naughty & witty answers in interviews!

905: He carries around his stuff in plastic poly bags! having millions of fans across the globe ...he stays SIMPLE& Just another GUY!

906: He thinks it is absolutely OK to give his wrong number to people! ;-)

907: He will sometimes do ...just about whatever it takes to humor his fans 

908: He wishes his fans well... "apache zindagi mein bahut saaree khushiyaan aye , bahut umeedein aye....."

909: He sometimes copies Baby expressions :)

910: Above & beyond everything else he is complete Family man!

911: He inspires us to KEEP SMILING!

912: Free snacks in AIPORT makes him HAPPY!

913: He is obsessed with bathroom selfies!!

914: His not so PHUNNY posts are kinda FUNNY

915: He showed up in Delhi Mall & and had no idea about how crazy his fandom is !!!

916: He shared his best birthday with most special lady of his life

917: Whatever he does he puts his passion & soul in it.


918: He Believes!!!! 

919: Walking up the hilly terrain , he loves nature & natural beauty

920: Fans are often like his friends! 

921: He gets more excite about gift wrappers that gift itself! :)

922:He actually looks like a cute adorable ANGRY BIRD 

923: He gives the worlds most warmest HUGS

924: Playstation

925: He felt warm when he held Nitara for the first time

926: He looks HOT even when he is MESSY

927:His love for chocolates 

928: He considers his fans are his inspiration

929: His laughter is music to the ears!

930: He received the most expensive gifts in the world! Yet what makes him genuinely happy are pretty handmade gifts !

931: He played this scene as Manik! Almost every viewer cried with him and lived his pain!

932: He can groove with anyone, anywhere, and he still manage to look graceful!

933: His fans are all over the place who never leave him alone ......

934: He is a cute GEEK 

935:He makes the perfect heart!

936:  His events are a  TREAT! he is the best HOST and the most charming GUEST!

937: Once in a while we can see the real smile, when he is unaware of the camera!

938: "Smirks like a true FLIRT!"

939: He gives the most wittiest replies in Interviews!

940: His mole ! :)

941: When he is not being a celebrity he just a boy next door, playing with his puppy!

942: He is the only Celebrity I know who wears the same Red Vest a 100 times!  ever charming in his simplicity!

943: He can actually look HOT & CUTE in a Mickey T-shirt!

944: Cards, edits and 100 other hand made gifts adorn his bedroom wall! Such is his love for his fans 

945: "He walks like a boss! Like he was meant to rule!"

946: "He inspired me to buy these freak shoes!" :)

947: "An evolving artiste , he did a fabulous job his debut song!"

948: "His silence is powerful"

949: Because his exercises like no body's business

950: "He found that guards in NEPAL were very nice and trust worthy

951:"He loves his PLAYSTATION"

952: "He smiles when he is AWKWARD"

953: "He gives EXCELLENT advise about PROPOSING girls"

954: "when he tweets they are PHUNNY "

955: HOT

956: "His expressions are often so real that the REEL BLURRS INTO REAL"

957: "Even after achieving so much in life he is still THE BOY NEXT DOOR"

958:" He is the most LOYAL FRIEND"

959: "His eyelashes are long like babies "

960: "If there is one thing that defines him it is HIS PATIENCE"

961: Because this was my favorite INSTA POST!

962: He has great morales & always stands by his values

963: He loves Cars!

964: He is a good boy ! With coolest "BAD BOY LOOKS"

965: "His Wink"

966: "He portrayed a MONSTER & yet was the cutest MONSTER in the history of television"

967: "His adoration & Respect for his mother"

968: "His humility! "

969: "He can make bland hospital clothes look trendy "

970: "He keeps fidgeting and setting his hair right :)"

971: "His music video clips are so original and melodious"

972: "The Camera loves him"

973: "His lip bite"

974:"The most adorable POUTS"

975 " He behaves like kid with kids & shares adorable bond with his nephew."

976:" he taught us new ways to cuddle Pet Puppies "

977: "His Selfies can set screens ....ummm I mean phones on FIRE"

978: "He was the most GOLU Kid "

979: " Occasional he is weird too! Cute Weird Though"

980: "Because I think all emojees were made after studying his expressions"

Parth Samthaan

981: His autographs are precious as gives them with so much heart

parth samthann

982: "Some of his gestures are just adorable, unbelievable, heart warming & out of this world"

983: "His face lights up and he bows down to children"

Parth Samthaan

984: "He has an unique outlook for life"

Parth samthaan

985: "You are one indomitable Character" 

Parth Samthaan

986: "Gracefull & sexy indeed an unique combination"

Parth Samthaan

987: " He treats his fans like his family"

Parth Samthaan

988:" He sleeps like a baby"

Parth Samthaan

989: "His lip sync was best ! He lived & breathed life in to the songs"

Parth Samthaan

990: "Being sweetest boy , he can give the meanest expressions"

Parth Samthaan

991: "He carries an attitude, but never an arrogance"

Parth samthaan

992: "He is the most eligible bachelor"

Parth Samthaan

993: "His voice has a depth, it puts an instant smile on our face"

Parth Samthaan

994: "We could stare at him for hours"

995: "he often Posts the most inspiring posts"

Parth Samthaan

996:" His eyes could hold enormous intensity"

Parth Samthaan

Parh samthaan

997: "He can make an old worn out vest look fashionable and sexy"

Parth Samthaan

998: "He has the most genuine smile"

999:"Being a man he looks cool in a hairband :)"

Parth Samthaan

1000: "He looks like a boss in shades" 

Parth Samthaan

Parth Samthaan

"1001: His Social posts makes our day better & brighter"


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