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Parth Samthaan

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Its time for Parth to take the big leap to bollywood, as he gears up for his debut in 3’s Productions Googly Ho Gayi. The movie is scripted to be a romantic comedy and is sure to entertain audiences world wide.  To know more about his movie and regular updates visit page

Parth Samthaan
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Parth Samthaan became a heartthrob with massive success of Kaisi Yeh Yaariyan. But stardom never comes easy. His journey started a few years back; He started off his career as model and participated in Pantaloons Fresh Model 2012, this is where his boyish cute looks were first recognized and he grabbed the position of first runner up in the contest.  During his early years he also did numerous add films for well-known brands like Close-Up and Coca-Cola.
Parth Samthaan


Parth Samthaan
Pantaloons Fresh Face 2012: Parth Samthaan first runner up

His acting potential was further displayed in his short but powerful roles in Marathi Short Film –Pardosh and The Last Bet. The characters played in both short films were unique and different, though the role in Pardosh was short, it demostrated Parth’s versatility.
Parth Samthaan
Short Films
Pic:Divya (FireFliesDivya)

His stint with television industry started with various episodic series like Gumrah, Pyaar Tune Kya kiya (PTKK), Savdhaan India, MTV webbed and Yeh Hai Asihiqui. Gumrah-End of Innocence was his debut to television world, where he played the role of young ambitious boy who comes to Mumbai to make it big and in the process commits a series of crimes. Gaurav was a character in PTKK season-1 who is a rich spoiled brat and a womanizer who doesnot hesitate to cheat on his own best friend for his own pleasures. In Savdhaan India he played the role of Vishal who is cricketer who get murdered.  The numerous small stint with television portrayed Parth as a talented actor. What was remarkable even early on in his career is his choice of different roles, he did not box himself into one category of acting and tried and tested all roles executing all roles to his best capabilities.

Parth Samthaan
                                                                             Pic:Divya (FireFliesDivya)

Parth Samthaan
                                                                          Pic:Divya (FireFliesDivya)

His first big break in television came with Channel V’s series Best Friend Forever. Prithivi was a fun loving young boy who falls in love with Sanju but could never express it.
Parth Samthaan created history in television industry by being Manik Malhotra in MTV India’s Youth Series Kaisi Yeh Yaariyan. Manik Malhotra was indeed one of the best characters ever written in Television and one of the hardest to enact. Manik had so many shades that it was a complete role for Parth. He projected, anger, love, friendship, pain, romance and comedy all in that one character and Oh Boy!! He played it to perfection. Its not in vain that he is now called the King of expressions, I joke that Parth gives more expression in a minute than some can give in a whole series. To know more about Manik please read Which is a page in this blog.

A model, an actor, a professional entertainer but above all a phenomenal human being; Parth Samthaan is here to stay and take the world of entertainment by storm as he moves forward in his career. 
Parth Samthaan


Parth Samthaan has proven to be an ace entertainer, not only through his acting but also various hosting shows. He made all of us laugh, cry and kept us glued to PTKK (season 4&5) there are so many I know who just watched the show for the charming host J. Be it his wink or perfect heart this young man learned early on in his career to still hearts through the eye of camera.

Sky is the limit for ambitious and hardworking people and Parth Samthaan is one such example. He made a singing debut with Yaara’o’Yaara in KYY and following that he is now doing professional playback for his Bollywood debut. To know more about his new song Jind Meri visit

I often say this that Parth justifies his name “PARTH –the one who never loses Focus”. A young age of 25 and he has almost seen the whole life and some more. He is already a star, but I know that his BEST is yet to come. He will teach the world by example the importance of hard work and honesty in life, and also the essence of being steadfast in life when the whole world stands against you.
                                                                            Pic:Divya (FireFliesDivya)

27th March 2016
Michigan USA


Being a great believer of power of youth MTV India and Viacom launched the campus diaries series .  Where interesting part of the campus life was captured, fests, culture events dance shows….and many other facets of campus life. None other than our Youth Icon hosted the series this year. The excitement, the energy and the enthusiasm captured to perfection.  

parth asamthaan

PIC CREDIT:  Priyanka @Prii_doll

PIC CREDIT:  Priyanka @Prii_doll
Pic: Priyanka @Prii_doll

MTV Colors of Youth


A presentation by Ayeza! 
Journey of a Star ...So Far

 Some days are bright some are dark   
                 The way you face it, will leave its mark
No matter how intense was your pain  
                      Allow your heart to dream and hope for rain
So what if life has few complicated path  
              You tell life there is reason your name is PARTH
Beyond the reach of anyones eyes
                                 That’s where your actual dreams lies
Never let go of dreams that you always cherish
                          Fulfill your dreams thats my sincere wish
Long Life filled with happiness, That’s what we pray
                                   Many more happy return of this day
We wish you a very Happy Birthday


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Name: Parth Samthaan
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Place of Birth:  Mumbai, Maharashtra
Zodiac /Sun sign: Pisces


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